Extreme Limousine - Augusta, GA
Extreme Limousine can provide you with reliable, distinctive transportation wherever you are in Augusta or CSRA. We're there when you need us with Augusta's widest selection of limousine and party transportation. The most prestigious, luxurious and innovative limousine options are at your finger tips.

Extreme Limousine adheres to the highest quality standards of transportation, with outstanding service facilities that you would expect from a five star limousine service provider. Our safe, professionally trained staff are available 24 hours a day to make sure your next event is one to remember.

Whether you need luxury limousine service for a wedding or a safe, fun way to travel for a night out with friends, contact Extreme Limousine at (706) 650-0379 or toll free at (888) 650-0379.

Extreme Limousine (706) 650-0379 OR (888) 650-0379
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